Monday, March 2, 2009

It's been a while...;)

Well.... see how good I am at this blogging thing? LOL...I am going to give it a try again, try really hard to get in the habit of posting here regularly:)

It's been a long time since I posted! A few of the things that have happened since I last posted are:

I moved! At the end of July 2008 I moved to the Great Smokey Mountains of western NC;) I love it here...I am SO happy!! Look at some of the pictures I have posted on my myspace site (It's;) ) .

I am STILL trying to find a house to would think with the housing market the way it is, that buying a house would be easy:( But no...not here lol. It's as if this area is oblivious to the housing market crisis/status/dilemma/etc. This place is in it's own little world, and apparently isn't daunted by what's happening elsewhere regarding prices/demand/etc. of houses lol!! So, I'm still searching....and living (me, Jessie (my 23 year old daughter), Luke (my 22 month old grandson), my 4 dogs, cat, bird and rabbits in the basement) in my parents' little cottage behind their house. It isn't really all that little...but it IS one huge room lol...I'll try to post some pictures of it here;) It's a cute cottage..... but not so cute at this point lol;)

In January I started school:) I added a smiley just to be nice...I really LOVE grooming for a living and would be happy to do it for ever...but I realize that as a single woman I really shouldn't rely on doing that into my old age lol. So, I'll groom for now and am going to school for accounting. I don't like the "sedate" part of accounting, but honestly, I DO really enjoy accounting as a whole;) So, it'll be good:) I'm in my first semester, and have all "A"'s so far;) I don't feature that changing... I like the challenge of striving for the best;) It's just a personal thing with me, I don't feel like I failed if I don't achieve the "best"...but it's a fun thing to try to reach;)

Before I left GA, I sold all of my Giant Angoras to a breeder-friend in WV. (If anyone is looking for Giants, feel free to email me and I can direct you!:) ). I really, really loved them, but they were just more work than I knew I'd be able to handle with all the upcoming changes in my lifestyle (like having to go back to work LOLOLOL). But, I kept my French Angoras, and have since sold a few and bought one (hopefully I'll be adding one or two more to my herd very soon:) ) and am happy with the foundation that I have within the French breed. I also kept one German doe (JG's Hoffnung) who is a killer so many senses of the word;) She's got luscious, dense fiber, is a fantastic Mom, is sugary sweet (when she's sweet) and is as fierce as a vixen (when she's not sweet) ;) I love her personality...she's so cool;) Anyway....just recently, Janet Gruber (Jan's Giants) sent an awesome buck to me for Hoffnung;) He's so sweet, mellow, perfect gentleman (so many of the Giant and German bucks are:):) and HIS density is greater than I've ever seen:)..I can't wait to get them bred. lol, for now, Huffy (Hoffnung) is being a little witch, refusing service, even though she's so ready to be bred it's silly. She'll come around...I'm going to let them run in the house some tomorrow or the next day and see what that does for her. Ok, anyway...short story long, I now only breed French and Germans:)

I have a big grooming day planned for tomorrow, as I plan on going to a show in Dalton, GA this coming weekend (I think it's like FIVE shows...three open and two angora specialties!) . A couple of my guys need big time grooming, most are in pretty good shape. I'm really looking forward to this show....last one I've been to was back in Sept. or Oct....the NC Mountain State Fair show. As soon as we get back from Dalton, two of my French girls are getting bred. They are both over due. I am really impressed with these two, so I need to get litters out of them asap. I will also have a few babies out of them available if anyone is interested.....:):)

As I'm grooming tomorrow, I'll try to remember to take some good pic's to post here. Wait till you see MG's Bailey's "grown-up" pictures....she's turned into a beautiful girl:)



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