Tuesday, May 27, 2008

For Sale

I have a few really nice Angoras for sale; a few NICE Giants and two fantastic French bucks. I had originally intended to keep all but one of these bunnies, but I am going to be relocating sooner than expected and now need to minimize my herd. I will keep the parents of these bunnies, so once I am moved and situated, I can rebreed and hope for this same quality of offspring again:)

First are two show quality Giant Angora does, MG88 and MG86. They are 4 months old and showing GREAT potential. Both are SO similar that I have a very difficult time finding a reason to chose one over the other (that's why I was going to keep them both!). These girls have excellent density and wool texture at this point, both are showing crimp in their coats, are well furnished and have very nice type. Both have are very friendly and inquisitive, come to the cage door for loving and are very laid back during grooming. They are still in full baby coat at this time. Price is $125.00 each with pedigree. Following is a picture of one of these girls...they are identical lol.

Next is another Giant Angora doe, MG84, who is also show quality with the same great wool qualities as her littermates above. This doe is priced a bit lower as she does not have the abundance of ear tassling that her sisters do and is two ounces smaller than her sisters. She does, however, have a personality that just won't quit lol. She's the type that hangs out of her cage to be pet (would just fall out if you don't watch her lol), rubs on your hand like a cat, etc. She is showable, but would make someone a wonderful housebunny or wooler/pet;) Her price is $100.00 with pedigree.

Next is Saro. She's a Giant Angora doe out of Walsh's bloodlines. Her wool density/type is absolutely awesome!!! The only reason I'm offering her for sale is that I also have her sister and I do need to reduce my numbers some:( Saro is 12 months old this month, I clipped her down yesterday and she's ready to be bred:) She's a very sweet girl, grooms easily and gives an abundance of luxurious fiber. Price is $125.00 with 1 leg and pedigree.
French Bucks: I am offering for sale two french bucks who are showing great potential. They are out of Spang's Tasha (tort) by Somerhill's John-Luke (chestnut). Tasha can be seen on my website, and I MAY have a picture of John-Luke there as well. At 4 months old, both of these boys weigh either 7lbs or 7lbs 2 oz, and are SOLID:):):) They've got it all...density, crimp, bodies, personality:) (I'm so excited about this litter lol) One buck is Opal, the other is Chestnut, both are pedigreed and will be eligible for R/W/B registration:) Price each is $80.00 with pedigree.
If you would like more information, pictures, etc. on these rabbits, please email me at I will offer discounts for multiple purchases and am located in GA near Savannah. I can deliver to western NC if arrangements are made soon enough:)
Have a great day!!