Sunday, March 30, 2008

Babies and stuff:)

I spent today, with a huge amount of help from Rik, hanging cages and rearranging the rabbits to make room for babies who are now ready for their own cages.

The French litter out of Tasha x John-Luke is coming along so nicely. Big beautiful babies with heavy, meaty bodies and showing nice density in their coats:) They were weaned two weeks ago, and have been sharing cages two and two. I don't want to take a chance on them doing damage to each others coats, so today was the day they all became "big bunnies" and got their own cages;) They are a very outgoing, hearty crew, and actually seem to like having so much room all to themselves and not miss their siblings in the least. All have been nosing about their new cages, standing up on back legs to explore the tops of their cages, nose to nose with their new neighbors, etc. At dinner time, all were ready for loving and food, just like always. I'm very pleased with how quickly they took to independant living;)

The Giant litter is a little younger than the French litter, but equally as hearty and beautiful:) Today I separated the buck and doe who were sharing a cage. I still have two does together simply because Rik and I ran out of steam this evening to hang that one last cage!! Tomorrow;)

At this point I know that I will sell at least one doe and the buck from the Giant litter. I believe the doe is spoken for, but I will let those on my waiting list know that the little buck is available.

In the French litter....gosh..HARD decissions!! I'm going to have to hold off for a while in deciding on them;) In the meantime, I have a nice REW doe who is going to be bred to my Chocolate Tort buck in a day or two...soon as I can get her clipped down. So, I will have more French babies available as well.

The front pasture is finally getting green...finally is in need of mowing. I intended to mow this weekend, but this dang flu is giving me fits:( One minute I think it's fading out, the next I feel worse than ever:( Bad news lol. Yesterday, durring a "feeling good" hour, I got some weed-wacking done around the barn. Was going to do around the garden fence as well, but ran out of string. Tomorrow;)...just like that last cage lol.

UARC news...we are currently giving the website a MUCH needed update, and stirring ourselves out of our winter hibernation to get things going and active again. All of the BOD memebers are working on plans for upcoming Specialty Shows....we are working on plans for Specialty shows in GA, SC, WVA and PA. Keep an eye on the UARC website or this blog for additional information. As things get firmed up, we'll post all the details:)

Guess that's about it for now. I hope everyone is experiencing the beginnings of Spring as we are here in GA:)