Thursday, April 24, 2008

Giant Litter and Upcoming Columbia, SC show

A couple weeks ago, I made the first cut from my current GA litter. I already have two nice bucks, and will be breeding two other Giant does in about a month and a half. The one little buck in this litter didn't show promise of being better than either of the two I have, so I let him go. He now resides in Florida with a very nice gal, as a pampered pet;) I'm VERY happy for him and for his new Mom!

Yesterday, I made a second cut. There are three does remaining, and one of them is a couple ounces smaller than her sisters, so I've decided to sell her. She has great density and wool quality (so far...she is only 12 weeks old:) ) and her personality is something else;) She is unbelievably sweet and demanding of attention:):) Her price is $100.00, and of course she will come with a pedigree:)

I am going to a show in Columbia, SC on May 31st, and will most likely clip and breed my other two Giant does right after that show. That will officially end my show season, and the rabbits will be off...making babies or just chillin'....for the summer:) In the fall we'll start the shows all over, including some new babies:)

About the Columbia show... The show is being hosted by Southern Pride RBCC, and it is a Double Open, Double Youth, Double Cavy, Dutch Specialty, Mini Rex Specialty and Angora Specialty....!!!....all in one day; Saturday, May 31st at Caughman Road Park, 2800 Trotter Road in Columbia, SC. Trammel Trail Treasures will be there! Judges include Stacy Easton, BIll Patrick, Michael Franke, George Long, Don Peterson and others! Breakfast and Lunch available, big raffle. Show Secy is Christy Posey, . To request a Show Catalog, contact Sandy Bennett at, 803-755-3122 or go to
For more information on the Angora Specialty, contact myself at or Show Secy, Angie Kolifrath at

Guess that's it for now:) Watch for posts coming about my French litter and French litter due in THREE days:):):)

Hope everyone had a great day!!



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